Why is it safe with us?

While getting legit documents online, people often afraid of the reliability of the provider and also the success of the documents. But not with us. In our vast experience in this field, we always take care of the trust and reliability of all our clients. Hence, we ensure 100% success of all the documents we provide as we make it keenly keeping the originality of the documents into consideration. We take a minimum of 15 orders each day so that our professionals can work on each of them perfectly without bothering any pressure. We make documents for any country-standard and thereby ensure the legitimacy of our documents worldwide.

Now if you are worried about the conversation that is held between us then to keep it confidential, we suggest the conversation via WhatsApp or Email. All the information or communication is end-to-end encrypted. So you can get in touch with us anytime over these platforms and whatever we do on your order are always informed to you and only after your recommendation we proceed.

Whether your forged documents will work like real?

The function rendered by our forged documents will just work like real documents. This is because we make it just like the real one with the input of important details that are listed on the government database systems along with fonts, paper, design, etc. You can use them worry-freely for any of your purposes. No matter whether you are planning to use them for legal or any other usual purposes, our documents will always help you to get verified in any circumstances.

Can I get my previous passport information to be deleted as the authorities have seized my passport and produce a new one by you?

Yes, if you want to delete your previous information that is there on your passport as it is seized by authorities, we can do that. Also, we can make another fresh one for you without giving anyone a chance to identify the forgery. We completely erase off all your data in the existing passport and inserting them, make a new one, and thereby ensure the non-existence of your personal information to the police or any higher authorities.

How to ensure the originality of the documents?

If you order for real documents from us, while delivering your order we also send you a Verification Diskette, Database link, and Telepoint Code along with the parcel. By verifying all this information, you can easily get the authenticity of your documents. Moreover, if you are unable to access the information we provide, our professionals will also assist you for the same. So you don’t need to worry about anything while getting real documents from us.

Can I have a fake passport if I have a real one?

Yes, you can order a fake passport even in the case of having a real one. Moreover, if you want to put different information that the real one, we can also do that. All we ask you to do is to give us information that you want to be there on your documents, and we will make it completely worthy for you. No matter whether you are opting for real or documents, we ensure success and authenticity for all of them.

What is the payment module to get my order for documents?

For security purposes, we take up to 50% of the payment in advance based on the type of document. Then on the time, you receive your document, you need to pay the rest of the payment. We will send some files to you in order to inform you that your document is ready and ready to disperse and thereby ask you to keep the money with you. You can get more details on the payment from our Terms of payment section.

Where are the means through which I can verify my documents?

We send your order for documents along with a parcel of Verification Diskette, Database link, and Telepoint Link. you can access any of them to verify your documents. Also, you can visit the consular of the particular country to check the authenticity of your documents with the. For instance, you can visit the embassy of the concerned country and ask them to check the validity of your documents. This is a very simple and easy way to verify your documents.

How can I renew the documents if it gets expired?

As whatever document we produce is entitled to database registered information, you need to renew them once they get expired. All you need to do is to visit the country authorities and ask them to renew your documents. You don’t need to afraid of any hassle as the entire renewal process is done conveniently. They just check the information given on your documents and once the verification gets completed, they will renew it immediately without any issue.